These Hollywood Movie Names Converted Into Hindi And Bhojpuri Will Have You Laughing Nonstop

What happens when our cool Hollywood movies go through the butcher knife of Bhojpouri translation? Well, if you think it's just a simple language change then you are so wrong. Well here are our ten favourite Hollywood movies that met Bhojpuri somewhere and became completely ours! Take a look: 

The Fault in our stars

''Locha usse bhi bada hai mere dost...'' is all we say! 

Man of Steel

This is what happens when an alien speaks bhojpuri! 

Mad Max Fury Road

Max has definitely turned mad by learning some of our bhojpuri. 

Bend it like Beckham

Sigh...we say! 

Fast and Furious 7

Even the Rock is not spared.

Finding Nemo

He must be somewhere in Bihar. 

Kill BIll

Today is definitely the last day for Bill!

Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Welcoming the Smiths to learn some of our favorite language-Bohot Badhiya!

The Incredible Hulk

No one can win from the Hulk! But Bhojpuri just did. 

The Hangover 3

Now even Zack is reeling under the Bhojpuri fever! 

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