You are not really clumsy. But yes, the door hates you, table and chairs act like bullies and the floor knows how to get in your way. You tell yourself, you are not clumsy, but accidents have a way of finding you. Things keeps leaving your grip and land on the floor. We understand your pain, especially in these most mundane of situations.

1. Opening the door

When either you bang into the door while opening or get confused between push and pull. 

2. A walk  can go wrong as well

She shouldn’t be looking at the mirror. God bless her legs.

3. Drinking anything means dripping

It’s one hilarious moment in everyone’s life when your mom asks you to finish the whole milk quickly and you try to finish as soon as you can.

4.Being sexy is just not one of your things

Oops! today is not her day I guess.

5. Being distracted equals disaster


Your eyes should pay attention while walking, otherwise.“ you might get in too much of trouble".

6. Even if it isn't your doing, pain finds you

Ouch! That must have hurt si much.

7. Ummm, some people just should not try to be cool

Swag is not for everyone, you know?