Things Guys Do Thinking It's A Nice Thing

Guys, have you ever tried to impress a girl and failed? If your answer is yes, then you might have done something super sick, thinking it's cool. Here's a list of 10 put-offs which you should stop doing right now, to avoid being creepy. 

Constant texting

Constant 'hi' and 'hey' on text messages will only lead her to believe that you have nothing else to do in life! You should not go overboard with texting, as this could easily make the girl think you are worthless. And women don't like dating guys who are useless. 

Stalking her on social media

You like all her posts and have to comment on all her pictures! You follow her on all social media accounts and just have to be there whenever she is doing anything, anywhere. This is certainly not what a carefree guy would do. You are clearly acting like a stalker!

The no makeup line

'You look so good without makeup!' It is a difficult thing, the relationship that girls have with makeup and looking good. This one comment will totally freak them out because it could mean that even with makeup she doesn't look good.

Offering a seat or want to get closer?

Offering her a seat is a nice gesture, but don’t do it just for leaning over her and hovering over her cleavage. This would not go well with the girl and she will at once know your intention.

Gifting too much

Yes, girls do love gifts but overdoing that would let her believe that you have some kind of hidden interest in all of this. Listen to us, save some money!

Too good to be real

Trying to be the nice guy all the time doesn’t work for girls. She will at once know that you are faking it all. Instead, try to be as real as possible.

Offering a drink implying date

Offering a drink certainly doesn't mean that she has to come on a date with you. If she has accepted your drink and is chatting with you, don’t scare her by talking about date or relationships right away.

Too many surprise visits

You have planned a lunch with your date but what if she is busy and doesn’t have time to meet you? You decide to surprise her! But doing it every single time she says no to meet you will mean that you are not trusting her and might leave her feeling suffocated.

Dropping her home...everyday

It's such a lovely romantic gesture. But anything done too much ruins the whole thing. So you don't have to make it seem like you are following her, or don't trust her. Let her take a cab once in a while.

Now you know, where you had been going wrong all along! 

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