Work gets monotonous after a while and if it was not the hilarious, weird and the odd colleagues we would definitely all go to sleep. So, out of pure love, dedication and affection we state the heart and soul of every corporate office, our odd employee buddies. And if you don't have at least one of these at your work place, buddy, it's time to switch jobs. 

1. People who make coffee breaks more fun

These are the people who took the Selena song seriously and literally  “Can’t keep my hands to myself.” But it sure will be fun to work with them.

2. This is for the IT team

It’s pretty intelligent of the person who used Bob Marley as a metaphor for a copy machine. Kudos! man, I am searching for him now. We should definitely share this with our IT team. 

3. This commentator on food

Well, he is the pope of dessert and we all need a foodie friend in life. But his witty comments always entertain you, right? Actually, he always has a point.

4.Those who like to torture the 'serious workers'

Well, dedication is a much-needed quality you can seriously see in this guy. No kidding at all, he/she is a soul sister to me.

5. People who live to generate complaints

Well, this fellow is so motivating and hilarious. It will be so cool to have him around as a person who likes to do evil things.

6. The cheeky optimists

This guy truly gives us a hope and we want some positive energy in life. Some of us really need it, especially before that meeting with the Big Boss. 

7. The ones who know how to get the job done

When you want to make sure that no one swipes the one good mouse you have finally found, it helps to have a friend who thinks this up.