The Funniest Bits That Came Out Of The #BeRomanticIn4Words Trend

Romance is an art specifically, an art that involves words. Some endorse romance in actions while some call it the magic woven through words. But the twitter trend #BeRomanticIn4Words got really interesting with some of the funniest 4 words you would say to your partner! 

1. "I'll Read To You"

What can be more romantic than listening to a Nicholas Sparks novel in the voice of your lover, unless, the book keeps falling! *winks*

2. The Joey's Way!

Joey does not even need the fourth word to woo a girl! Three does best for him and to his fans well. So, "How you doin?!"

3. "I Can Fix That"

After you have done something wrong and messed up and your partner says these four magic words, they do sound romantic! 

4. The Best Kind Of Love

Only pet lovers could relate to this! Oh, this boy seems so happy with the last piece he got!

5. Please Use My WiFi

Giving away the password of your WiFi involves courage especially nowadays.

6. The Unrealistic Champ

Now, who's he trying to woo? A far-off land witch or something?! 

7. The Most Beautiful One

Okay, so not everyone pulls it off like a joke. Some people have really used it to the best of their romantic abilities. *Heart just melted away*

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