Ridiculously Funny And Bizarre Advertisements That Really Make No Sense

When we look at advertisements, we focus on the product and don't really care much about the story running around it. But these advertisements will do just the opposite. You will try so hard to make some amount of sense from these advertisements that you will really forget what was the story behind it. 

Watch them and simply have some fun moments. 

1. An Advertisement For A Local Computer Shop

Hassan Computers! This advertisement should get an award for being the most illogical advertisement ever! Don't scratch your head thinking, "What were they thinking", instead go ahead and watch the other six out to ask the same question, EVEN LOUDER! 

2. Because Beauty Is More Important Than Logic

Because her 'Khoobsoorti Ka Raaz' Is "Nargis Karim"! So, now you know what makes the traffic stop, a beauty karim! 

3. Because All You Need Is A Shaadi Course?

So, stop seeking for parental advice or medical checkups, just go for the Shaadi course! RIP Logic. 

4. The Trust In Karara Maal Is Immense

The 'Indian style Sholay' featuring the Karara Namkeen Packet. *Tumne sardar ka naam poora mitti me mila dia*, quite literally! The cholestrol free namkeen advertisement is sure giving a million heartache!

5. The Talcum Powder Saga

Grab a Kit-Kat to feel refreshed all round the day! And no, it is not chocolate, this time it is a TALCUM powder! Still wondering, what's with the name?! Kit-Kat will not be the same chocolate filled wafer crunch anymore! *Sigh*

6. Because All You Need Is A Qamar Chai

This is one of those chai advertisements that will develop an intrinsic hatred towards tea! Chai lovers, beware! Qamar Chah. Waah Bhai Waah! Lovely. *Dying slowly*

7. Pakistani Bodyguard Soap Be Too Cool!

Seriously, what were they thinking? Seems like, they took the name of the soap too literally to frame the advertisement! Or was it a metaphor for what a soap does with bacterias in your body! Urghh, no!

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