Whether you like your job or not, you have to find an excuse or two for explaining why you did not come to office or why the work was not finished. People make lots of excuses without thinking that their boss just might be on to them. So, as a heads up, here are some common excuses which your boss can see right through.

Ah..ahh..aahh…achooo, I’m sick!


Randomly calling sick to work? Not advisable

Randomly calling in sick to work? Not advisable

Of course you are. Even if you are really sick your boss won’t believe it, let alone trying to making him/her believe your excuse.


Someone I vaguely knew died

Another way to skip a day in the office is by killing a relative who doesn’t exist. You could justify this by saying that your boss can’t know every relative of every team member. However, it’s a little hard to swallow.


Another vague relative is now coming to town

Your Boss Wont Be Happy From You

Your Boss Won’t Be Happy With You

Many times picking up someone (possibly the relative who died in the second point), is another excuse people give to get off from work. You better have an awesome response to, “Can’t they take a cab?”.


There is some important personal work I need to finish

Not only is this excuse one of the most stupid ones that you could give, it’s also one your boss would never accept or believe.


I have to go to the rescue of someone, somewhere

What better way to skip your office than by telling your boss that there is some emergency. Chances are your boss won’t grill you further but they will forever remember this excuse.


Something happened in my house

There is a flood, pigeon got in, rat attacked my wife, Santa came early…a variation of the ‘I have an emergency’ excuse, this is another thing bosses are tired of hearing, mostly because they can see right through it.

Author’s Name – Shekhar Dahal

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