The week is just pushing towards a close, but there are a few unfortunate souls for whom the week is going absolutely crazy. Whether it is a job, studies or wedding, not getting sleep for days in a row is no less than a death punishment. You end up looking blank, take double the time to get work done and still clock a backlog. On everything else, you get those unnecessary and unreturned comments that take up all your remaining energy to ignore. Been there? Well, you are sure to relate to these then.

1.Look insane

You will start to feel like a zombie and wherever you go, you will have your sleepy mode on. Above all, you will not be able to concentrate on anything.

2. Seems like you took drugs

The dizzy feeling is all over you. Seems like you took a pill in Ibiza, if you know what I mean. *wink*


You get all the attention like everyone is keeping an eye on you. And you will feel a hell irritated by it.

4.People ask if you are sober

People will start asking you if you are sober or not. Start giving you lemonade to cure your hangover and what not.

5.Caffeine keeps you going

Only caffeine will keep you going because it’s the only thing which will get your nerves back.