Mistry-ouster From Tata Sons Brings Out The Jokers Everywhere

It seems that the nation’s twitterers are simply poised; waiting in the sidelines for a new story to hit the headlines so they can start manufacturing new witticisms in their respective virtual humour factories. Since the abrupt and unexplained ouster of Cyrus Mistry as Chairman of Tata Sons the Twits (twitter wits and other jokesters) exploded with these:

It came like a bolt from the blue

When it was announced that Cyrus Mistry, Chairman of Tata Sons had been removed and that Ratan Tata his mentor and predecessor was to take his place in the interim.

The eerie similarity between two headline grabbers…

The mentor is trying to dislodge the protégée in UP politics (the current faceoff between father Mulayam and son Akhilesh Yadav) and here as well, Ratan Tata the mentor has dislodged his protégé Cyrus Mistry.

It was raining puns

Clearly Mistry is a Mystery and Cyrus becomes serious! And as for the play upon the surname Tata, well there were more “Ta Tas” on Twitter than on the back of trucks and buses yesterday!

Job opening

This one was doing the rounds on Whatsapp yesterday. Please note the email address “aukat main reh”

There were the Bollywood references as well

Clearly Cyrus is out and Ratan is back!

There are a couple of Cyruses in India

A common name among Parsis, there are more than a couple of Cyruses! Broacha and Mistry are just two!

Recalling a 4 year old headline

When Mistry was appointed 4 years ago, the headline said Mystery Ends, Mistry Begins and yesterday it said the opposite.

There were these other random funny tweets

Besides its true what they said about job security: " #CyrusMistry sacked by Tata group. Job security is never guaranteed at any level, however senior you are. Only Govt job is exception "

Inevitably reference was made to this:

Ratan Tata made an ‘intolerance’ comment a few days back. No intolerance comment goes unpunished; even if it is made by the country's top, most respected industrialist.

The Cyrus Mistry meme

..Underlined the unexpected development of Cyrus’s Sacking.

Adieu Tata…

Adieu Tata…

…says Cyrus Mistry. But according to reports today, he will not go quietly. Stay tuned for more.

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