Are you constantly woken up by TV sounds, people talking in the next room and even road side hawkers? Well, my friend, you are officially a light sleeper and you are possibly doomed for the rest of your life. Not getting sound sleep is one of the biggest problems that you face and then red eyed and looking like a Halloween monster, you roam around your own house. If this is your story, then you'll surely relate to these. 

1. The slightest noise wakes you up 


The slightest noise in the room will wake you up and once your sleep gets disturbed, it’s not coming back anytime soon. So, kindly tell your roommate not to make any noise.

2. Never find the right pajama

Finding good nightwear is also a huge problem for you. Sometimes you feel too hot in them or just too cold. In fact, deciding between shorts or long night suits is a difficult choice as well. 

3. Room temperature also is a big problem

The room temperature can also mess up your sleep and you just wish your room could maintain the same consistent temperature through the night.

4. Dark circles

Not having proper sleep also gives you dark circles. Dark circles under the eyes is a big trouble for girls because that means various cremes, lotions, packs and masks.

5.Mid-night snack craving

Craving for food late night can also make you fat but you can’t help it. Staying awake late at nights is all about food and TV for you.

6. Late comer in the office

Waking up late in the morning makes you a late comer in the office and college. And after that you have to put up with the yelling bosses and teachers mete out.

7. Sleeping pills are the ultimate solution

Sleeping pills are the only option but you have first get a prescription and teh doctor asks you to do things like meditate and the pharmacy employees give you a look of pity.