TV commercials are something that are always around us. Love them or hate them, you sure can’t ignore them. If they choose to hijack your favourite series that is being telecast, you may switch the channel for some time, only to find it again on those channels. So we thought, why not whip something up out of it, to bring a smile on your face? So here we are, with a list of commercials that are so bad, that they are actually good. Take a look.

Kya Aapke Toothpaste me Namak Hai



Honestly, we just do not want anyone to come jumping down our throats while we are already groggy from sleep, and dreading a work day.

Thumbs Up, Mountain Dew

Mumbaikars take on danger

Mumbaikar’s take on danger

Yeah we know Darr Ke Aage Jeet Hai and Aaj Kuch toofani Karte Hain. But we are not risking our necks for just a ruddy bottle of cold drink. Nah!

Fairness Creams

Jiski biwi gori...

Jiski biwi gori…

Brings the dons from Lawaris to mind doesn’t it? The obsession India has with fair skin is almost sad to the point of scary.

Axe Ads, and almost all the body sprays for men

Who believes the Axe effect?

Who believes in the Axe effect?

Okay. Please keep this thing in mind. Body odour puts  women off, but that does not mean that if you spray some cologne and strut around us, we would jump on you. No way, never!

Airtel 4G

Interesting theory this one.

Interesting theory this one.

Sigh! People have already harassed the poor girl way too much, so we would refrain and spare her the ridicule. Airtel, if you are listening, please modify your advertising strategies.

Camlin Permanent Marker

OK, seriously, too much!

OK, seriously, too much!

The ad where the husband comes to life because the sindoor that he had made on the wife’s forehead with the permanent marker, won’t come off. Silly, but we still like it.


Well when its Sonam...

Well when it’s Sonam…

Well, this has to be the most sexist ad ever (Fair & Lovely can take a sigh of relief). Honestly, if you are cribbing and a cry baby and complaining all the time, that makes you a woman. One bite of this magic bar, and lo and behold, you are back to your wonderful male self. Please hang on while we gag.

We know there are many such ads, but then we had to pick a few that we found cringe worthy, yet hilarious. Have any others in mind to add to the list? Do let us know in the comments.