India is quite popular for its big fat Indian weddings. Right from the venue to the food, everything seems just out of a Karan Johar movie set. Yet, we love them and can't help but be a part of it as well. But what really goes on in the mind of guests like you and me, Psst... this is what we were thinking. 

1.When is the ceremony going to start?

I was starving already and they are not even serving the starters yet. When are they going to start?

2.Checking each other out

People start checking each other out, not only girls and guys but aunties too. Oh! Mrs. Verma is wearing her new diamond set, etc. Basically, the never ending gossips because Indian marriages are incomplete without that.

3. The venue

The venue is so middle class and everyone is sweating, just so cheap of them. All ladies just keep on discussing it.


OMG! The food could have been better, but it got over so soon, I didn’t get to eat Gol Gappas. Food talks are the part of every conversation going on a marriage.

5.Can I take off my heels?

Can I please take off my heels, it’s hurting badly. I want to sit but these photographers can’t take one good picture of mine. Oh, here we go again with the cheese!

6. Such a lovely couple

I hope I meet my soul mate here. After all, the community matters and marriages are the best place to find a good partner.

7. Are they seriously doing that dance? 

The Nagin dance of uncles is just amazing. I mean, it becomes the laughter episode after they are a little drunk. And aunties just can’t resist but show off their sarees and dance skills.