Are You Doing These 9 Irritating Things On WhatsApp And Messenger?

Can you imagine life without instant messaging? We certainly cannot. But with messenger come a bunch of things that are so very irritating. Here are 9 such irritating things that people do on WhatsApp and Messenger:

1. Texting Every Second

So, these crazy people text you all-the-time, even when you do not reply back! Not to forget, whenever they'll catch you online, they'll always make sure to remind you that you haven't replied to their earlier text! *eyes rolling*

2. The Good Morning Messages

Yes we just love to receive the rose, with a motivational quote every morning. NOT!

3. The Status Stalkers

The ones who keep asking you the entire story behind each of your status update. They do not get the concept of a "casual-status", they just want to know!

4. Random Addition To Family Groups

And suddenly, you're in a group of 50 relatives who would be expecting a conversation from your side. Worst case? You' don't even like at least 48 of them!

5. The Ones With Too Much Emotional Baggage

Then there are those who send you photos or quotes for women's empowerment, loving parents, loving children, caring for animals and so on. They make you feel like you are not a really good person. Projecting much lately?

6. The One Who Forward Messages To 7 or More Groups

Okay, these are the worst kind of crazy people. They'll often send you long crazy chain messages which end with warning like, send this to 20 people or 10 groups OR have bad luck for 20 years! Seriously!!!

7. Eternally typing...

When someone taps the space bar and then minimizes chat on their phone and forget about you. You on the other hand keep waiting for their message to come through. Grrrrrr.

8. Abbreviations you don't know or unnecessary short forms

Why wouldn't you just say oh my god! Ok fine OMG is quite famous. There was a time we were forced to search Google for the meaning of YOLO, ROFL and LMFAO. And by the way why can't you just type the O before the K in OK?

9. The Ones Who Just Send Smileys and Emoji's

The weirdest ones of all irritating people on WhatsApp are the ones who keeps on sending random and often irrelevant emoticons throughout the day. Initially you'll try to decipher what they were saying. After a while though it ceases to mean anything at all.

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