11 Bangla Phrases Everyone Should Consider Adding To Their Vocabulary ASAP

Bengali is known as one of the simplest and sweetest languages in India. And thanks to Sanjay Leela Bansali, for bringing in Bengali words into his Hindi Devdas, some of the words gained popularity. Now here are a few words that you may enjoy brining into your daily vocabulary, other than 'cholbe na' and 'ekla cholo re'.


You should start using the super famous Bengali word - Shona. It literally means sweetie. Shona is used by mother's, aunts, girlfriends, and wives. Some people are also names Shona but it's a nicer version of the Punjabi Switty.


When you are under pressure or stress you can simply replace the word pressure as Chaap. This word is so perfect it can be used in a variety of instances to describe discomfort, disgust, distrust, and a variety of other situations.


You can possibly use the word Aador in your conversation everytime. Aador refers to display of love and affection. Not the over the top displays but the sweet ones.

Eh maa

Eh maa! You have heard this word several times from your Bengali friend. However, this word simply means, oh no! But the degree of dismay that this phrase in Bangla gives out cannot be achieved in any other language.

Phata Phati

When you are happy and you know it is awesome, sum up with, Phataphati. Literally translated it means awesome. It is generally used when you are left with no words to express your joy. Oh and by the way it is used as a compliment as well as a way to tease someone.


Paashbalish is the true love in a Bengali's life, right after Maachh (fish). Paashbalish refers to side pillow which is needed while doing anything on the bed. And we mean anything at all.


Gondogol refers to a problem, a dilemma. Once again it describes a wide spectrum of issues from loose motions to unpaid bills whose last dates have gone by.


Taratari refers to moving quickly and swiftly. And when you realize you need to rush with something. Somehow 'jaldi' or 'quickly' just doesn't convey the urgency of the matter that a taratari does. Don't you agree?


Birokti means to feel annoy and the verb form for it is Birokto. Mostly heard from mothers with infants, toddlers and well any child of any age. It is also used to describe the extreme annoyance that husbands appear to cause their wives. "Birokto koro na" is the verbal equivalent to the hand movement used to swat away an irritating fly or gnat.


The word Kaibla literally means idiot but with slightly less gray matter than the regular idiot. When you want to express you true disgust at the actions of a friens (usually when it is something you specifically asked them not to do), satiate your need to hit them by simply calling them Kaibla. It's exactly opposite to a smart person, which of course is you.

Moron Dosha

The word literally means a death like a stage. Moron Dosha said together is a word which is used to express your feeling when you want to tell another person that they have dug themselves into a whole load of crap, which is so bad that they will never get out of it. Or the other way to use it is to describe the whole Vinash Kale Vipreet Buddhi thing in two words.

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