You’ve Heard This Madly Catchy Song – Now Hear An Hindi One from Bilal Göregen

Whether you know it or not, you’ve heard this song. It is that crazy but catchy song you've heard in some video, some tweet, or some meme. It is the rendition of Ievan polkka a popular Finnish song by a visually impaired Turkish musician named Bilal Göregen. This is wildly viral as the vibing cat meme. Now the Turkish musician has come up with another video – this time of a popular Indian song. Check out these and a few of his other renditions:

Bilal Göregen

Most of us have seen this – the cat nodding to a beat with a man in the background singing and beating a drum wedged between his knees. This song has gone madly viral; making Bilal Göregen internationally famous.

This sort of thing

He has some characteristic quirks and mannerisms with which he starts his songs. He may be faking the lyrics but you cannot deny that the guy is a super mimic – he gets the accent just right. And then some meme character is added to the frame to make it all quite hilarious - here it is Spiderman randomly dancing in the background.

His own interpretation

And here the Turkish musician is seen doing his version of the Game of Thrones theme --- that vibing cat seems to like this one too. Bilal Göregen’s YouTube channel has nearly a million followers his more popular videos have 2 to 3 million views each.

This peculiar combination

Remember Shakira’s Waka Waka --- theme of the Football World Cup? Not sure about those lyrics, but he gets it down perfectly – right down to Shakira's voice tremor. And there is that bizarre dance in the background – apparently that is something called ‘Michael Jackson’s Thriller Zombie Dance’. Why, would be anyone's guess.

Kaliyon Ka Chaman by Bilal Göregen

It is only the internet that makes something like this possible – a Turkish man singing a Finnish song that becomes hugely popular with meme-makers including many in India. The Turkish musician realises how popular he is in India and decides to do a Hindi song and there you have it: Kaliyon Ka Chaman by Bilal Göregen!

To refresh the memory, this is originally a Bappi Lahiri song made in the early 1980s, which no one knew about until Harry Anand made an insanely popular music video in 2002. Kaliyon Ka Chaman has come a long way indeed - Bilal Göregen may be completely messing up the lyrics, but it's still a great rendition - listen in. 

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