Gene Kelly’s ‘Singing In The Rain’ was not just a song but it is a description of the great joy experienced by people when it rains. This joy is euphoric and so is passed on through generations. These people who love the rain are call Pulviophiles, and you may be one!

Find out if you are or are not a Pulviophile.

1. When most other folks are complaining about how the rain ruined their outdoor plans, you boldly step out with an umbrella in hand to explore the world in all it’s monsoon glory!


2. The sound of rain on the window/roof has a soothing effect on you


3. Steaming hot snacks and chai from a roadside vendor in the rain is your idea of true pampering!


4. The smell of rain is the best perfume ever and you wish you could wear that scent of wet earth!


5. Splashing in puddles is NEVER not fun


6. Rain when you’re swimming is a double jackpot


7. When you’re travelling in a new city and it starts to rain you jump for joy


8. You love the feeling of rain on your bare skin


9. Watching lightening streak across the sky is like art on canvas for you.


10. You become incredibly philosophical about life and the world and love when it starts to rain.


11. You would be among the few that understand the meaning of the word Pluviophile.

Pulviophile Meaning

Lover of rain


12. Seeing a paper boat instantly reminds you of your childhood puddle jumping days.



Author’s Name : Pulkit Kalra

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