Just by the time you turn 18, the very first things you want to do is get a driving licence. Yes, freedom to drive around is cool. But it is also loads of responsibility. Other than the actual experience behind the wheel, here are some handy tips that will help you get in there with confidence. 

1. Ignore the honkers and the cars behind you

One of the most annoying situations is people honking when they can clearly see the 'L' sign on the car. Best solution, ignore and focus on the job on hand. They will find their way out.

2. Don’t take the test until you’re ready

Yes, you really want that drivers license, but don’t apply for the test till you have full confidence on your driving skills. Otherwise, you will lose confidence when you flunk.

3. Practice in different areas

It’s important to practice your driving skills in different areas as well as parallel parking, reversing out of driveways, driving on the motorway. It will help you out a lot. Indian road situations are tricky and you need to get first hand experience. 

4. Get into the habit of driving

Ok, great, you have got the basics. But you need to keep practicing it. You know, how people drive like it's their second nature. Well, it is simply practice behind the wheel, my friend. 

5. Driving around the empty university would be good for you

Before hitting the main roads and highways, try moving around open areas that are not congested. Best thing, enjoy a ride around your university campus on off days or very early hours. 

6. No Stunts Please


Acting like a stunt man on the roads is not cool, rather dangerous. You may lose your license as well as put your life in danger.

7. Why Drive Rash?

We have heard enough about the dangers of rash driving, especially when you are in the learning phase. It's easy to lose control of the vehicle and then your driving dream is surely going to end.