'World's Largest Lesson India' Programme Launched By Sonam Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor is no less than a diva and now with a social initiative touted to change the life of millions of children across the world, she is all set to make a significant difference. On this Teacher's Day, Sonam has launched the 'World's Largest Lesson India' campaign in collaboration with UNICEF, Gems Education, Global Goals campaign and Reliance Group. 

A unique initiative led by Ms. Kapoor

This is a unique lesson that is all set to reach 360 million children in India and teaches about UN Global Goals for sustainable development. 

Originally launched in the year 2015

This programme was launched exactly a year ago and has covered around 160 countries until now. 

The programme has lesson plans to guide students

This programme has a set of lesson plans and also includes comic books to get children's attention. 

Sonam wants to complete her graduation

Sonam regrets the fact that she didn't finish her schooling and is planning to complete her graduation now, at the age of 30. 

Responsibility towards society

Sonam feels that every single person has some responsibilty towards the society. Even she, as an actress, is making meaningful movies like Neerja that will motivate others to become stronger. 

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