Who Is Xavier & Why Are His Memes Exploding Across Social Media?

Many of us have come across ‘Xavier’ memes and jokes recently. I received a whole bunch of WhatsApp images recently and found that Xavier is something of a phenomenon. There are Xavier memes on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more circulating on Reddit and so on. That image of the guy known as Xavier is very popular now.

He is everywhere

The Xavier page on Facebook, has over 5 lakh likes. Evidently he has one of those faces that will go down in meme history as high influential in pop culture.

Typical Xavier joke

This is a typical one – he takes a silly joke and makes it a little sillier.

He notices stuff

Our man Xavier notices what I certainly did not – that vendor in the background.

According to Reddit

Apparently, the man is the ‘God of roasting’ according to one sub-Reddit.

He is self-effacing

For some reason, people find that unremarkable face with the blank, expressionless gaze to be very funny and his observations even funnier.

He’s silly

But he isn't offensive. These days when politically charged material is all over the internet, inoffensive jokes such as these are welcome. People from different ideologies can laugh together without fear of someone taking offence.

He’s everywhere

He is on Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook, Reddit… it’s the same expressionless face that seems to set everyone laughing.

Xavier wisdom

His observation here is true – if you have a whole serving to yourself you may have those chips one at a time. However, I would further observe hat those chips look limp and unappetizing – I think I would leave the whole lot to my friends and order another serving.

Good point

That’s what I said!

Simple statement of fact

Xavier doesn’t lack courage, he just got no game. His unattractiveness – particularly to women – is the theme of many of these Xavier jokes.

And some obvious questions

This is a valid question to ask self from future. Clearly some people didn’t watch Back to the Future.

He is Pakalu Papito on twitter

Here he makes jokes like this for his 2 lakh plus followers and he gives gyaan like be useless so no one can use you. People have created YouTube videos of the most popular Xavier memes as well. So, Xavier or Pakalu Papito and all their imitation pages on social media are quite the phenomenon.

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