When You Love Someone Outside Your Religion This Is What You Go Through

Love knows no religion, caste or even gender for that matter. But the stereotypical, patriarchal and rigid society that we live has got its sets of rules and regulations that a person must follow to live in it with peace. Sadly, religious warfare has killed more people than diseases ever could. So, when you choose to love someone outside your religion, you already know what you're into.

Here're 7 things that feels so relatable if you love someone outside your religion. 

1. You Have Enough Reasons To Not Let Go

Though you keep thinking of ending up your relationship for the sake of your parents, you always have enough reasons to not let it go. 

2. Mutual Support

You both keep supporting each other whenever the other person gets too fearful about the rife between the differences.

3. Parent's Approval?

You keep shifting dates about telling the big thing to your parents for you know they won't be as supportive as your friends.

4. Future Goals

You keep wondering about your future but you do not step back from setting future goals with your partner with mixed emotions

5. Social Outcast

You have your share of fears, you think about getting outcasted by your community. But one look at the beloved, and you're ready to bet the world on him/her. 

6. Your Way, Their Way Or Court?

You always ponder about the type of marriage you'll be having. You both share different religion and that calls for different types of marriages. But in the end, you just want to be with her.

7. Financial Stablity

You always try to make yourself financially stable because you already know you'd be revolting and going against your parents and community for being with the one you love

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