When Life Brings You Down, These Paulo Coelho Quotes Will Help You Stand Up Again

Born in 1947, this Brazillian author is truly the pure manifestation of wisdom. He weaves magic with his words that are full of love, positivity and kindness. He remains super active on all of his social media accounts where he shares his warm thoughts on a regular basis. Let's look at some of his quotes that are as good as his books. 

1. Of People And Their Temperaments

His polished language tells the basic problem in humans in the best possible way. You absolutely cannot make anyone understand your situation unless he wants to listen. 

2. Of Inspiration

Some of his quotes hit exactly where it is needed. Author of one of the best self-help books Alchemist, Paulo Coelho is highly inspiring with his words. 

3. Of Determination

It is these words that you want to hear whenever you feel sad. They will instantly make you equally passionate and determined about your goals. 

4. Of Love And Romance

Romance is nothing but the magic of language and Paulo Coelho is best at weaving dreams through his words.

5. Of Being Human And Embracing Yourself

Losing something is one step towards achieving something more profound. Paulo Coelho is an author that makes you realize this sentiment. 

6. Of Haters And Admirers

Paulo Coelho

Because you envy something only when you do not have what the other person already has and that's what makes you hateful. 

7. Of Remembrance And Forgetfulness

We often do not get words to describe the feeling these profound words develop in us. The wisdom, creativity and sensiblity that he imbibes in his work has helped him get millions of followers across the world.

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