What If You Could Take Pictures With Your Eyes, What Story Would They Tell?

Once a great wise soul said that Imagination is more important than knowledge. No prizes for guessing who it was. Albert the great Einstein indeed. That said, have you ever thought how it would be if we were able to click images with the bare naked eye? One thinks, if that were to be true, then the the consequences would be utterly funny and also mischevious! Let's look at some possibilites as to what all would we be able to capture:

1. Some not too inspiring sights to behold

If we were able to capture images with the bare naked eye, we would have enough proof that the aunty living next door was the culprit behind that garbage pile on the road! And that, we had nothing to do with spoiling the government's brillaint Clean India Campaign

2. We could chuckle at proving who the real 'Gaseous Clay' was

There's that funny suspense when this weird smell finds the comfort of your troubled nostrils. The thought is, 'who did it'. Wonder what fun it would be if you were to able to click the person at that very moment when there was a swift movement suggesting the 'mega burst' was to come? Won't that be great

3. The golden chance to prove your partner wrong and win the battle

So, it turns out that he never agrees to be the one snoring. He wins the debate every following morning, having given you a sleepless night saying, you exaggerate his snoring? The problem would be solved if you could take the picture of the very moment where he snarls deep in sleep in that slumber that takes the mickey out of you. Oh how wonderful it would have been to give him a proof of his weird facial expressions whilst he roared like a tiger, oh sorry, snored like a liger. 

4. Shit Happens! But with this rare power, it won't

Simply because you will have the power of clicking people right at the very moment when they are about to unfurl the utterly bizarre dumpling onto the sacred mother earth, you, by virtue of clicking a picture with a mere blink would show people the embarrassment they cause. It will actually be a noble duty, truth be told

5. You could contribute to making the world more hygienic!

Imagine the benovelent power of having the ability to click images with the mere blink of an eye? Tie that to the gift called social media. That odd relative, the unfriendly cousin, the obnixious bald uncle- who are all public nose diggers. You could take smoke the daylights out of them by creating a secret Facebook account and tagging them doing what they think they do best- while it is actually the worst! Sounds fun?

6. You could be your nation's savior

Sneak up at a place where you think something wrong or some sort of a mishap is going on. But never before did you have a proof of catching them red-handed! The chance is now. With the simple blink of an eye, catch them. Better still, simply forward the images  captured in your eyes to the law. Nail them hard. Make your nation safer. Bravo

7. Spy with the eye!

Let's admit it, at least at some point of time in your life, you may have had the feeling of wanting to possess the ability to secretly take a picture or just sneak up on someone! Just to add true blue colors of reality to that wishful sinful thought- imagine, what would happen if you could print pictures from a mere eye-gaze. You could be a handy resource to even a covert organization. Remember the sequence in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol where in exchange for diamonds, Tom Cruise and his aid sneak up on top secret Russian nuclear launch codes? They use no more than their eyes to secretly print the docs! How cool is that

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