Men have been trying to understand women, since their caveman days. As they continue to be bewildered, we decided to give some information on how to identify the types at least. 

1. The Fashionista Girl

There is always a girl who loves shopping, dressing up in designer clothes and uses super expensive make-up. This diva emulates celebrities and you will never find her without high heels.

The fashionista

Star-like persona 

2. The Nerdy Girl

Okay, she is a serious and genuine girl who can talk on almost any topic. She is earnest and the first priority of her life is studying. She is a true book lover. 


AKA bookworm

3. The Hot, Single & Ready to Mingle Girl 

This fun girl is extremely cute, good-looking and friendly with a good sense of humour. She is too carefree with others and has many friends, especially males. This one is also forever looking for a good guy and sometimes is not satisfied with one.

The playgirl

The fun girl

4. The Mother-Hen Girl

Girls who fall under this category generally act like a mother with their friends. Everything from their advice, to their dressing, and way of talking is mother-like. She has everything prepared to help one and all: extra food, spare clothes, spare light bulbs, spare batteries, spare money, etc, etc.

The motherly girl

Miss motherly 

5. The Girlfriend Girl

You will always be able to spot a girl who is always with her boyfriend. Yes, everywhere from the canteen to the library, they accompany each other. This girl is more famous due to her boyfriend perhaps.

The true lover girl

The true lover girl

6. The Miss Popular Girl

This girl is pretty famous on your campus. From the watchman to the principal, everyone remembers her very well. She may be recognised because of her attitude, personality or some other reason.

The famous girl

Simply famous 

7. The Party Girl

You will always know that one girl who loves to party. She can be seen everywhere, every time. It's rather difficult to understand, how she keeps pace with her party life. 

The party girl

Party-ready in minutes

8. The Super Rich Girl

She is known for her own or daddy's bank balance. She loves to flaunt her financial status and fancy stuff that she possesses. She is sort of a daddy’s girl.

Superrich girl

The HS girl 

9. The Selfie Girl

You don’t need to ask her where she is. You can always find updates on the various selfies she keeps uploading. No matter, whether it is the bathroom or kitchen, a selfie is a must.

Selfie girl

I am just self-obsessed 

10. The Girly Girl

Miss Feminine is a bit hard to describe. Nevertheless, she usually likes to wear skirts and not shorts. Her dressing is old-fashioned and she has an elegant demeanour. Also, she has a very kind heart and is very sensitive herself, as well.

The Feminine

Very feminine