Advertisements That Break All Stereotypes: Welcome The Modern Indian Woman!

Some advertisements mesmerize us with their conceptualizations! Since they are the face of the society, we can assume things are changing now. These powerful advertisements centered around "woman empowerment", make us realize that behavioural changes are evident. As the times are changing, the minds are changing!! 

Have a look at the brilliantly conceptualized advertisements featuring the "Women of Today" 

1. The Kitkat Break

While it does not outrightly speak of any of the hardcore feminist issues, it does in a way subtly point out towards the possiblity of an Indian woman being an astronaught from India.

2. Ford EcoSport

This is one powerful advertisement by Kalki Koechlin. Isn't just the name enough to hint about the issue that she would be raising! While she tells the world that she loves Raksha Bandhan as a festival to celebrate the bond between brothers and sisters, yet she subtly tells the audience that an independent woman can take care of herself and does not need a man for that!

3. Anouk- Bold Is Beautiful

This is truly the most powerful advertisement that you would have ever seen! Debunking the old stereotype, wherein a pregnant woman is almost considered a handicap who cannot work rationally. Radhika Apte, while making her own way all by herself, clearly shows that BOLD IS BEAUTIFUL!

4. The Raga Woman of Today

Determined, dedicated, hardworking and independent are some of the words that describe the "woman of today". This yet another Titan Raga advertisement features a bold woman who has got her priorities straight! The aura of this high-spirited woman keeps us wondering! 

5. Airtel Boss

This advertisement features the perfect modern day couple who have perfectly balanced their personal-professional relationships! Watch it, nothing could have been more perfect than this! 

6. Pears

WOW! The only word that can perfectly describe the concept of this beautiful advertisement! A woman is strong and a mother stronger and this advertisement celebrates the inner strength that every woman is endowed with!

7. Whisper- Touch The Pickle

There are many social taboos and restrictions attached to mensuration. This #TouchThePickle initiative by Whisper has surely brought a revolution while debunking this age-old social taboo! Leading a normal life should be promoted instead of barring women from various things! 

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