Sushmita Sen was 25 years old when she adopted a girl child, creating history. 10 years later she repeated history, by adopting the second girl child. Raveena Tandon has two adopted daughters, Chhaya and Pooja and so do many more celebrities. But here we're not talking about these celebrities but simple people like you and me. Are we open to adoption? There are so many things that stop us and in all probability we are stuck on the word, 'perhaps'.

This story in pictures is not about us. It is about the children who are waiting to be adopted. It tells us what these children feel. Take a look.  

1. Happiness starts here


Because everyone deserves a family

A foster home is not a home, but a place where you wait for your real home. 

2. Love is a strong bond


Some bonds are thicker than blood

With over 3000 adoptions this year, we are slowly moving towards a happier future. 

4. What it means to belong

Spreading jot and happiness

Spreading joy and happiness

We fight over religion and caste system that is linked with us due to our surname. But how do they feel, who don't even have one. Does religion really matter?

5. How lonely it can be out there

Because family means, always and forever

Because family means, always and forever

No vacations, no birthday parties, no warm hugs, these children deserve more.
6. When you complete the circle

Now it’s complete family

When children get comfortable, they move with their new parents with big smiles on their faces.

7. Parenthood requires love not DNA


A double dose of happiness

Why struggle with infertility treatments when a bundle of joy can be in your arms in a matter of days.

8. There are no unwanted children just unfound families


Some things are worth waiting for

 Children can never be unwanted. They are a source of happiness that can drive away the biggest miseries. 

All these stories are from outside India, where systems are much better than what we have. We urge Indian photographers to do a similar story, because more and more families struggle to have children while more and more children languish in an apathetic system.