The Pornhub Study – What It Says About Indians

Whatever the sanskari thekedars of Indian culture say about Indians, attitudes to sex and about viewing porn in particular, the fact is that India is one of the biggest purveyors of online porn. We may not talk about sex much and a culture of silence and repression usually surrounds anything related to it, Indians are clearly very into it. This is evinced not only by our still rapidly growing population but also statistics revealed by the new Pornhub study.

Tenth anniversary data and trends

One of the most visited porn sites in the world, Pornhub is apparently serious business. On the anvil is a porn movie starring Eva Lovia and Johnny Sins to be shot in space – called Sexplorations. On their tenth anniversary, the website published a study where India’s name popped up rather frequently.

Third highest traffic from India

India ranks third in terms of the country where the most amount of traffic originates. After the US and the UK, India ranks third. However, Indians do spend much time on the website; spending just over 8 minutes per visit. Significant? You tell me.

What turns Indians on

While the overall top search terms were ‘Lesbian’ and ‘MILF’ (look it up if you must), Indians had other interests. The top search terms were Indian wife, Indian college, Indian bhabhi devar, Indian teacher and so on. Many were also looking for porn with Hindi audio. Clearly, the relationship that Bollywood has been selling as ‘pavitra’ for so long isn’t quite as pure as we would think.

What else?

The report also mentioned that the category ‘Arab’ is most popular in India. The search terms ‘HD Hindi and ‘Indian HD’ saw staggering increases, while searchers for celebrity sex videos also jumped significantly.

Indian women are getting raunchy too

Probably to the utter dismay of sanskari Indian men who believe that ‘good’ women should be chaste and evince no desire for the pleasures of the flesh, Indian women are also interested in porn.

The statistics say so!

In fact, the rise in the proportion of female visitors from India was the highest – a 129% increase in the proportion of female visitors vis-à-vis the previous year.

Indians start young

The average age of the website users is about 35 years of age. However, the average age of Indian users is much lower at 30 years. Incidentally, this is the youngest average in the world – is this what they mean when they say demographic dividend?

Other stats

Traffic to the website generally fell quite sharply during New Year's Eve; by about 37% overall – perhaps a lot of people were out partying.  However, the traffic from India fell by just 12% - lots of people by their lonesome selves at home? Also, traffic increases on Sundays and drops on Fridays.

This was predictable

According to the Pornhub Study, Sunny Leone is the fifth most searched overall and the most searched in India. The so-called ‘Bollywood porn star’ is famous here and abroad as well.

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