The Order Of Your Birth In The Family Has An Impact On Your Personality. Here's How

Did you know your birth order can exactly say what kind of a person you are? Yes, well psychology suggests that your physical attributes are dependant on whether you are first, middle, third or the only child. 

Birth Order

Just like all the fingers are different in shape and sizes, even siblings are different from each other. The order of birth often decides the personality traits of each child. 

First Born

If you are a first born, you are quite ambitious and responsible. Your family puts you through a lot of pressure as the first child and you try really hard to impress everyone around you. 

Second Born

As the second born in your family, you are quite carefree in nature and are also known as the peace maker in the family. So you'll find yourself in the middle of every argument between any sets of family members, trying to calm them down.

Third Born

They are the official risk takers in the family and are more independent than their other siblings. They are a complete social beings and love being a part of the crowd. The are usually loud, they love the spotlight and will try to be at the centre of everything that's happening.

Only Child

An only child is more independent than most children. They are self sufficient and sometimes they find themselves parenting their parents. They do face some parental pressure to be successful in everything they do. They are very confident and they love to be out of the house. 

Other impacts of order of birth

The birth order decides many a personality trait in a person and including how he makes more friends. So while the oldest child mostly turns out to be an introvert, the middle child becomes an ambivert while the youngest one turns into an extrovert. 

Other things to know

Parents tend to put a lot of pressure on their eldest child or in other cases the only child. All their parenting goals seem to ride on this child being super successful. In case of multiple children families, the younger child or children appear to be let off the hook. This attitude further impacts their personalities in many ways.

Our personalities are a tapestry, woven with experiences we gather in life and things that are entirely out of our control. But it is nice to understand, isn't it?

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