Evil Women In History Who Will Send Shivers Down Your Spine

Like clever cats that would prowl on their prey and whether you traverse the tyrannical past of Nazi Germany or the crime infested underbelly of the USA or other Western powers, there's a long list of evil women that have dominated headlines for all the wrong reasons. We bring you some tyrants from different arenas of life that will chill you.

1. Beverly Allit: The English Serial Killer

The UK born 48 year old serial killer is pure evil personified. Beverly has been convicted for the ruthless and merciless killings of 4 children and charged with further attempts to kill 3 more children. Between February and April of 1991, this killer suffering from psychological disorder went on the loose and rose with a tyranny that many in the UK would love to forget.

Fortunately, she is behind the bars now. But what made her pure evil was the remorseless assault she inflicted upon innocent children.

2. The terror sisters

Several decades back, sisters, in fact twins, Raya and Sakina ran drug cartels in Alexandria. And for no apprent reason they took great pleasure in robbing and kiling ladies, espeically those from elite backgrounds.

They would lure their victims to a secret rented accommodation and completely unbeknownst to them, would mercilessly kill them with pointed knives whilst burrying the body at the rented mansion and running off with all gold and jewellery.

3. The Tyrannical Aussie

Thank god that this woman doesn't exist anymore, being born way back in 1863 in Australia. Having grown up in a poor and financially unstable family did little to encourage this femme fatale to look after her own as she plunged into an unforgettable series of familial crimes. 

In fact, she was so brutal that she murdered each of her own family members, including 3 children and proudly confessed it at a judicial hearing, only to be sentenced to death. Good riddance. 

4. Jeane Webber: If looks could kill, she won't have to try hard.

What's with evil women murdering children? Gory and vile as it may sound in the context of young lives, many women such as Jeane Webber, born in 1874 have been linked to deaths of innocnent young children.

Death by strangulation, death caused due to suffocation with bare hands - could Jeanne have committed any worse crime than killing 4 of her own children? Thankfully, there's no trace of this woman on earth anymore. 

5. Juanna Barraza: a great sadist

Sold to men who repeatedly raped her as a kid by an alcoholic mother, there was little that could dissudade Juanna Barraza from the line of crime when she was young. Killing ladies, invariably above the age of 60 (perhaps an indication of her mother's age and the damage inflicted on her psyche), from 1990 to 2006. In a long period of crime, she mercilessly assaulted aged women and given her somewhat manly features often went free, dressed in manly garments whilst eliminating her targets. 

She's alive but in judicial custody in Mexico and is 56 years old now.

6. Amelia Sach and Annie Walters: ruthless baby killers

The slimy face of notoriety and the shabby truth of barbarism, these women would pose as babysitters and ruthlessly poison juveniles with Chlorodyne. Killing dozens in 1900-1903, they were thankfully caught and hanged till death.

7. Magdelna Solis- killing for the fun of it

What started out as a modus operandi born out of genuine leisure soon became a part of a widely documented occultist practice for this Mexican prostitute Magdelna Solis.

She would go to weird lenghts to torture her male victims, often going to the extend of drinking their blood. Oops, let's just stop at that. She was sent to 50 years in prison in 1963 where she apparently perished.

8. Myra Hindley: M for Murder, M for Myra

Initially an unpentant serial killer and a brutal murderor who terrorized Britian from 1963 to 1965, Myra Hindley was charged with sexually assualting at least a dozen children from the age group of 10-17 and then convicted with killing most of them.

She derived strange pleasure in punishing her victims and subjecting them to brutality and mental anguish. Jailed in the late 1990s, she perished behind the bars in 2002 at the age of 60

9. Queen Mary I: thankfully she didn't reign for long

Aah, finally the nobility find a mention in this ill-fated list. This only proves the point that the rulers or supposed saviors aren't all that great after all.

Queen Mary the First was responsible for repeated brutal persecutions of Protestants during her rule as the Lady powering the glory of god; British Empire. Even responsible for getting those who opposed her regime burnt alive, the Queen lived well to rule England and Ireland till her death from July 1953.

Wonder why, after such heinous deeds one hears the phrase, 'god save the queen'. Sic!

10. Lizzie Borden: a terrible burden

The evil ax killer, responsible for the brutal and ill-fated death for each of her family members, Lizzie was temperamental, forceful and pure evil, inflicting upon her very own people, brutal blows of an ax. 

Mercilessly murdering her father and her stepmother, in 1892, she surprisingly acquited in 1893. She was one of the loathsome early American killers from Massacchussets. 

11. Aileen Wournnous: Villain with V capital

Loathsome, pathetic and just incredulously real, this was the pure face of terror. Thankfully killed, instead of being arrested, Alieen was responsible for the brutal assassinations of many men. She grew up to be a man hater, yeah, reads quite like man eater and she was so repulsed by the sight of men, that could do no better than killing them mercilessly.

Born in Michigan, hailing from Rochester, Eileen died at the age of 46 and would often quote publicly, I am a serial killer and I will kill again. Well try harder next birth.

12. Griselda Blanco: The Cocaine grandmother

Chastised for her multiple involvements in crime rings, human trafficking, prostitution and narcotic trafficking, Griselda Blanco was an iron-hearted indictment of all things good or positive in life.

The Coloumbian reigned large in running a thriving million dollar narcotics trade empire that resulted in spoiling and ending so many of young and promising lives. At the moment, Blanco is the subject of many film scripts and documentaries and was shot in the head in 2002. Another part that explains her listless and terrible life was her murdering 9 children. Could it be more pathetic than that?

13. Belle Gunness: A beast who revered killing

With a name that sounds more like the Italian equivalent of beauty, Belle and not Bella was more of a beast. Having killed all her children and husband and then posing as a desperate but good natured person in search of urgent financial support, she would go on to kill her future husband as well. 

This Norwegian-American serial killer lived for 49 years and died at Indiana, USA, in 1948, weighing over 200 pounds. Thankfully, the world gladly bid adieu to an evil monster in her passing.

14. Ilse Koch: a spot of blithe on Germany

Nazi women? Yeah, really. There were many of them but few come to match the evil and repressive spirit and deeds of Ilse Koch, the commandant of the distressing concentration camps at Majdanek and Buchenwald.

Besides being responsible for several murders of harmless Jews, she is said to have pioneered the idea of creating lampshades made out of human skin. Let's just stop at that. 

15. Irma Grese: Nazi killing machine

The question isn't how? The question is why? Apart from sending hundreds and thousands of Jews to gas chambers in the most horrific Nazi concentration camp at Aushwitz (Poland) Grese, made good looking prisoner women strip naked and would hurl at their bodies several feisty blows with a barbed-wire sort of whip. 

She did it for many years post joining the Hitler Youth programme and would perish at the age of 22 in 1945, upon being charged by the victorious Allies for her ghastly and monstrous crimes

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