The Gender Pay Gap – Myth or Fact? Reebok’s Equal Pay Campaign takes it Head-On

“We clawed our way into the revolution in this work place. Then we needed parity in pay, not yet there we are still fighting for that,” said PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi in an interview. Is it true that women are paid less than men simply for being women? There are many who claim that the gender pay gap is a myth and that statistics are manipulated to create a nonexistent disparity or that women are playing the victim card about unequal pay in the work place. So is the gender pay gap fact or myth?

Some eye opening statistics

The gender pay gap in India is among the worst in the world; with women earning 27% less than men for the same job. The gender pay gap is as high as 34.9% in the IT sector. Women aren’t given the ‘farmer’ status in India; hence are unable to take advantage of government schemes and benefits. Only 6% of women own land in rural areas, just 2% have credit access and a dismal 1% have agricultural training.

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