The Fastest Selfies World Record and Other Utterly Pointless Records

We know all about selfies: that they are addictive and make us look awful. We also found out that selfies can be very dangerous to life and limb. So this new selfie world record was quite simply something waiting to happen. It may be something that requires no skill, no courage and practically no imagination; but there you have it: a new world record! Here is all you need to know about the selfie world record and other utterly pointless world records:

Most selfies in three minutes

American singer-actor-producer Donnie Wahlberg is now the official holder of a world record; that of taking the most selfies in 3 minutes. It was on the eighth annual NKOTB cruise that over three thousand people queued up for a selfie with Wahlberb. They managed 122 selfies in 180 seconds making a world record. Fascinating!

Most watermelons sliced open on stomach

Really? Who thinks up these ‘records’? Thank goodness they don't have ones where people eat metal - oh wait they have those too!

Record for eating metal

Michel Lotito ate an entire Cessna 150 (that is an airplane) over the course of two years and earned himself the world record for consuming the most inedible stuff: TVs, bicycles, shopping carts, beds, skis, a computer and, wait for it…. A coffin.

World record for kick to the groin

What! Yes, yes, they decided to create this one as well. Now I understand the motivations of the guy delivering the kick (the big dude in red and black); he must really, really hate the other guy. But what about the guy at the receiving end? What utter moron (the guy in black & white with unfortunate facial hair) says come kick me as hard as you can in the nuts?

Most candles blown out by farts

Yes you read that right… its farts.  I didn’t think a mere picture would do this justice, so here is a video. Watch it if you dare. The man can fart at will! What a valuable err... talent!

Record for most snails on face

This should have been the record for feat with the highest ick! value. Most of us cannot tolerate looking at snails; this ‘brave’ boy tolerated 43 of these slimy creatures slithering all over his head.

Most expensive dog wedding

The term more money than sense springs to mind. The wedding couple consisted of Baby Hope Diamond, a teacup-sized Coton de Tulear,  and Chilly Pasternak, a tie-dyed poodle. The 270,000 dollar wedding had 300 guests including celebs like Ellen Degeneres and Mark Zuckerberg.

Record for the most records

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