Some Of The Strangest And Most Ludicrous Things PM Narendra Modi Has Been Blamed For

With his successes in Gujarat state, Narendra Modi brought BJP back to power at the centre, with his vision for the future of India. His work since then has been to get India noticed on a global scale. However, haters are haters (and will keep hating him) especially when selfish interests are getting trampled with his attempts to bring economic reform. So when asked what makes you hate Narendra Modi, Quora users cames up with some hilarious answers.

1. Aamir's intolerance comment

While addressing Media, Aamir spoke that he and his wife feels India is not a safe country for them. Soon after the haters felt that it was personally Narendra Modi's fault that they felt this way. So clearly negative emotion any one feels is the Prime Ministers fault.

2. Modi travels in BMW car

Modi is called a hypocrite for starting the Make in India campaign but using a BMW which is not made in India. Nobody of course wants to acknowledge the fact that he is using the previous Prime Minister's extravagant car in prder to save more money being spent on building a new car for his safety. It is interesting to note that when he was the CM of Gujarat he used to travel in Mahendra Scorpio.

3. Modi's solar plant is a villainous plan to destroy the solar system

No kidding! Someone has actually typed this bit of nonsense and published it on Quora. They said that Modi's solar power plant idea in different states with drain teh Sun's energy and destroy the solar system. In a world where people say or do anything, without consequences, this person did not feel that it was stupid to display this degree of ignorance. 

4. Death of Yakub Memon

Yakub Memon was given the death sentence by the Supreme Court of India, for being a remorseless terrorist who killed more than 200 people. Ignoring this fact completely, someone actually felt that the Supreme Court making this decision was somehow PM Modi's fault. Well since we are blaming him for pretty much everything, why not?

5. Modi has no time for our country

Due to his constant foreign travel, many people came to the conclusion that Modi has no time for India. The fact that Modi's foreign tours were all work related, unlike certain politicians who go for vacations and medical treatments etc. Modi's travels have allowed a lot of foreign investments to come into India. It has increased the International relations with several countries, and made world leaders, and leaders of the largest companies take notice of India.

6. Bullet trains to India

Haters, hate the fact that PM Modi is in talks with Japan to bring bullet trains to India. Of course some people think this means bullet 'proof' trains proving there is no end to the ignorance of the people in this country. Why do we need bullet trains, people have asked? Do you like to waste hours in the current trains? Or do you have so much money that air travel is easy?

7. Modi wears a suit worth 10 Lakh

Well, of course you'd hate him for that, along with all the rich people in India. But the fact is Modi's suit was gifted to him by an NRI Businessmen which was later auctioned. The money collected from the sale was deposited to Swach Bharat Abhiyan. He didn't use the tax payers money.

Just for a moment, stop hating him and open your eyes to what he is doing or trying to do.

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