What you see is what you get, but what if you couldn’t see? You see therefore you perceive, you perceive therefore you think, and you think therefore you are. Your eyes deserve to be treated with the utmost care, so, here’s a list of 6 simple ways to take care of your eyes.

Doesn’t ask for much, just a little splash here and then

Refresh, rejuvenate

Refresh, rejuvenate

Water is the universal solution. Splash a handful of cold water on your eyes before going to bed every night and enjoy a deep, soothing sleep.


Avoid using your phone in the dark

Although a very hard habit to quit, the glares that bounce off your phone are extremely harmful for your sense of sight and therefore you should try giving up all those late night texts to your friends.


Wear your reading glasses

Health comes first, fashion follows later. If you’ve been prescribed reading glasses, save yourself from acquiring a higher reading power and wear them regularly.

Eat a lot of Vitamin-A


Carrots are the richest source of Vitamin A for your body, and though they work wonders for your skin, they are really good for the eyes too! Munch on some now, doc.

Put eye drops

Revitalizing eye-drops calm your optic nerves and help relax your eyes. They also help strengthen iris against impurities. So, go fetch your own bottle today.

Exercise your eyes

The easiest way of taking care of your eyes is exercising them. A simple routine of looking up, down and to your sides for 3-5 minutes can work wonders for your sense of vision