Are You A Control Freak? These Signs Are Saying Otherwise

Each one of us have met control freaks at one point or the other. They are the ones who are loaded with advice, will control every move of yours and be bossy in just about every situation. But are you sure you are not someone like this? Well, you need to check these signs before you are too sure.

1. Dominating plans

How often do you find yourself dominating plans that are made by someone else. Sure, you feel you can help and improve things, but was it asked of you?

2. Involvement

The 'ME' factor. Some of us have it, right in our blood. You just can't let anybody work independently and you just have to jump in. Yes, you believe you are perfect and nothing else matters. 

3. Bad listener

Do you seriously have the patience to hear people out? If you often fail to understand the point of view of others and just push to a conclusion, then yes you are a bad listener. 

4. Overbearing perfectionist

Control freak is perhaps the first person who tries to explain every time that they know better. They do things according to their liking and preference.

5. Other’s decision

When you are taking decisions for others and ruling their lives, then there is no other way of putting it but saying you are a control freak. 

6. Anger

You simply blow the lid off at the drop of a hat. A decision not taken as per you or someone not paying attention to what you are saying and you just lose it. 

7. Hurt

You are hurt if people refuse to pay attention to you. If you offer help and that's refused, then it is altogether worse. You need attention and when you don't get it, you feel miserable. 

8. Assumption

You assume that your friends of colleagues can't attain the goal without your involvement. You fail to understand their power, but always focus on your strength.

9. Lacks the fun around

You are always so busy controlling and managing things around you that you completely forget how to just have a good laugh. 

10. No trust

No trust

You don’t have trust in others word, no matter even if he is your best friend. Who would believe only after you see?

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