Selfie Addiction Is Contagious. #ButFirstLetMeTakeA Selfie

We all will agree that selfie love is almost indescribable, but few quotes are so perfect that they seem tailor-made for specific situations. Let's take a look at some of these wacky terms and quotes for the love of selfie that today's generation is almost obsessed with! 

1. Do You Remember That Time?

The time when everyone else mattered too..

2. The Friendship Love

This one we can all relate to. Everyone's phone is full of selfie's with their most awesome friends. 

3. The Major Dilemma

Is it just the I-phone camera?

4. The Painful One


It is not always that you get your picture perfect selfies!

5. The Big Reality

Oh yes, that's true! *winks*

6. Did You Know That

It is called Petfie with the pet! 

7. It's Not The Drunk Selfie

When you struggle to keep the phone straight, it is caleed Drelfie!

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