We all live with pre-conceived notions of what we believe as 'perfect'. We believe these notions so strongly that we create lies around ourselves and start to believe it. Worse still we believe other's lies and make ourselves miserable. Don't! 

If they are too sappy and happy with each other, it doesn't mean they don't have problems

Alone but happy

Alone doesn’t means solitary

 Who says togetherness always put you into a forever happy state? So, those cute, cuddly relationship updates may just be the surface of an underlying friction. 


Don't believe everything you see in glossy magazines and read on page 3

Thank you god for everything

The only happiness is having every desired thing

The biggest answer to this can be our very own Bollywood stars. We hear and see these stars in glam clothes, hot cars and loads of cash. Yet, we also hear of suicides, depression and heart attacks. So, do you really want to be in their shoes?


No one can feel your pain, but it is nice of them to try

I can feel your pain

People try to measure pain of others

They can't, so don't expect it. But if someone offers you comfort don't spurn it either. Just because they can't feel your pain doesn't mean that they don't care.


Not necessarily happily ever after

You said youll stay forever.

Things are sure-short in life 

You said you'll stay forever and then things changed. Yes, we all heard that and the only way to deal with such a statement is to smile and take it on its face value. 


Some things you just can't escape

Tough times are uncalled for

Yes, they are uncalled for, but our life has two phases, the good and the bad, so how can we expect skip out the bad phase? It’s the part of the life and we need to accept it. Try to extract the good from the bad, knowing that eventually, it’ll all be a valuable learning experience.


The strong don't feel pain

Accept the loss and move on

Strong people don’t know the word pain

Clearing the myths, I must tell you that in the real world, the strongest of all is a person, who goes through every kind of pain, but rather than crying for it he/she accedes to it, learns from it, and works through it. A great legend has said, it’s not about how hard you hit, it’s about how many hits you can take.


Dreamers are the truly alive

Dream to live

Daydreaming is a waste of time

Dreamers are achievers, so never underestimate a daydreamer. The utmost gifts are those imperceptible to the eyes, but felt intensely by the heart. What we imagine is just a bit of what we can do. Dream, believe and make it happen.