Remember the Kiss Me Jingle? It’s Cuter, More Romantic and It’s Back!

Cadbury is India’s favourite chocolate; in fact Cadbury is synonymous with chocolate in our country! Not just the chocolate itself, even the Cadbury ads have achieved an iconic status. Remember Kiss me, Close your eyes / Miss me, Close your eyes /Kiss me….? Delightful, innocent, romantic, memorable – the Cadbury Silk song has practically become a part of our cultural consciousness! Each version of the music video endearingly reflects a slice of modern Indian life – something we have all loved over the years.

The celebration of love, romance and the love for chocolate continues…

The Kiss me song is now back in a brand new avatar. This one features an adorable new pair of Shirley Setia and Armaan Malik. Shirley Setia is the Indian-Kiwi singer – also known as the Pyjama Rockstar – who has sung for movies and has won several singing competitions. Armaan Malik shot to fame during his stint with Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Li’l Champs and has since been a playback singer, composer and writer.

Kiss me – India’s favourite jingle in its newest avatar!

Check out the new version of Cadbury Silk jingle and the amazing chemistry of the romantic pair in this video. Not only do we have a new version of an old favourite, there are new lyrics added as well. The beautiful, fresh young voices have interpreted the song anew and the video features an interplay between the romantic pair playfully trying to wrest the Silk bar from each other. A gorgeous young pair, a fairy tale setting, a beautiful melody and a lyrical ode to each other (or was it the chocolate ;)) takes us to a truly magical world!

And now you know why this youth anthem is going viral – yet again!



-'This story is brought to you in association with Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk'

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