We’re a unique breed of people. We face problems so different that we sometimes think….why did we pick that very first book. Right from sleep-deprived nights to constant emotional turmoil to the sudden character deaths, our real world is rocked with the fictional scenes around us. But yet the joys of the book outweighs the pain. So even if we are left behind, called bookworms and not invited to cool parties all the time, we don’t really mind. Because for us, our best friend and companion is with us always.

1. You never get tired of reading

Books are my life

Books are my life

You’ve just finished one long series that was heart wrenching and painful. You close the cover take a deep breath and you actually feel sad that it’s over. You immediately start thinking about which book to read next.

2. Storage is your biggest enemy

Your mom is sick of creating space for your books, but you still need more and more. Every time a delivery comes, you get to hear a lecture for about an hour on how difficult it is to make space for these books.

3. People don’t understand why you don’t go to libraries as much as a book lover is expected to go

Because you are also a collector, and that means that you find it difficult to give up a book. So borrowing and returning from a library is difficult for you. You may even have outstanding penalties at a few of these places.

4. Nobody understands why you love the book fair

Your partner would like to take you to different places but you keep searching for those rare book fairs in and around the city. And once you are at a book fair, it’s like being a kid in a candy shop.

5. Waiting for the next release of a series is your personal version of inhuman torture.

Can you publish all the books together?

Can you publish all the books together?

Do you remember the times when J.K. Rowling kept killing you during the Harry Potter series by making you wait for the next part? Yeah, I remember that too. Well, at least it wasn’t as bad as waiting for the new Game of Thrones book (George RR Martin are you listening?)

6. Finishing a book in 24 hours is no big deal for you, explaining why you did it is very difficult

Because once you start reading, no one in the world has the power to stop you. The downside to this? You’ll lose complete track of time.

7. You buy your friends books as gifts and don’t understand why they are never excited

Books are the only things you dream of getting and so when you buy for others you do the same. Though this may lead to your friends never liking what you buy for them or them telling you in advance not to get them a book.