Pirates Of The Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales Trailer Is Out And Things Look Very Spicy And Interesting

Johnny Depp is an acting legend. He's loved by fans and critics alike, despite most of his characters being eerily entertaining. But among the much loved actors' inspiring movie roles is that of Captain Jack Sparrow as seen in the highly entertaining ' Pirates of the Caribbean' series. And it turns out that the latest installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean series has just been announced with a poster being released. So what's in store that's making news.

1. Captain Jack Sparrow is back

The fifth installment of the hugely famous movie franchise is back. And with a bang. The new film, titled 'Pirates of the Caribbean- Dead Men Tell no Tales' is slated to release around May 2017.

2. An interesting star-cast

Among the most talismanic of Hollywood performers is a certain Javier Bardem, much loved for his villainous turn out in Bond flick 'Skyfall'. He's said to be a major crop in the latest Pirates of the Caribbean flick that will also have the experience and gravitas of Sir Geoffrey Rush.  

3. What could be the synopsis as appearing from the poster

It turns out that Captain Jack Sparrow is in much trouble and his army of deadly pirates are to try all they can in a desperate bid to help 'Depp' find an ancient artifact, which gives the victor absolute control over the seas. But this could also be part of movie guesswork. Watch the space for more.

4. Could Depp pick up an Oscar for this one

When it comes to adventure, fantasy genre, few movies have made it to the very top of the Academy Awards. But for an actor of the great range and repertoire of Johnny Depp, the sky is the limit. Thus far, having starred in 4 previous blockbuster releases from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise this Hollywood hunk has been nominated for an Academy Award but  is yet to win one! Could this change with Dead Men Tell No Tales? We'll have to wait and watch.

5. More action, more adventure

The star-studded franchise has boasted of some epic action-adventure sequences, without compromising on the romantic front, having had the stars of the class of Keira Knightly embracing the screen alongside Depp earlier. But the fifth installment of the popular series promises some trail-blazing action and an exciting tale of adventurous survival against all odds in a high-octane volatile waters set-up. What will it take Captain Jack Sparrow to overcome the trouble posed by Bardem?

6. A terrifying villain at the epicenter of action

The trailer of the movie is out and so is the movie poster. It showcases, Captain Salazar; played with a manic drive and ferocious determination by Javier Bardem pursuing Captain Sparrow. Interestingly, much of the teaser is based on the villainous detailing of Pirates' new movie- Dead Men Tell No Tales, without there being Depp in any shot.

7. Some details about the flick

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales is an infuriatingly entertaining account of the weird versus the crazy, the maddeningly driven versus the angst driven and has Espen Sandberg and Joachim Ronning directing the fifth in the series of the epic action-adventure saga. Jeff Nathanson, from the Catch Me If You Can and Rush Hour Series is at the writing helm of the movie. You could expect only thing next year: fireworks on box office!  

Must watch teaser

Enjoy this high intensity teaser and we are sure that you wouldn't be able to stop yourself waiting for the movie. 

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