Guys, have you watched this video by Amitabh Bachchan on #MagarYeHoNaSaka?

Well, even though the video talks about water proofing, the attempt to have something and not being successful about it, is something we totally relate to. So, whether it is your day dream about a stunning neighbour or escaping the inevitable argument lingering on the horizon, these are things that just don't happen... Sigh!

1. Using your mobile on a date night with the wife

You're trying to finish your last minute office work on your date night? Too bad, now get ready for that long argument.

2. Coming home drunk

You completely lost control and your partner was left waiting for you or worse dragged you home. You will not be able to escape this one, dear friend.

3. Not making an effort in the relationship

You're really not helping out. Both members need to work on that relationship and housework or in keeping things interesting. So, do your bit. Otherwise, be prepared, for the storm shall come. 

4. Not really understanding each other

Give it time, give it patience and you will be able to see things from their angle as well. 

5. Who chore is it?

One of the major problems in a relationship is participation in household work. Just because she is a woman, she is not obliged to do all the work. You have to do some work too or just keep fighting forever.

6. Annoying habits

Putting wet towels on the bed is not a good sign and roaming the whole house with dirty shoes are counted under annoying habits. So, be careful about your stuff. Otherwise, be ready for a big fight.

7. Flirty comments on social sites

You really posted that on Facebook? Of course it pissed off your better half. You are in so much trouble.