Learn How To Deal With Awkward Situations From Bollywood's Best

Bollywood reactions always comes to rescue for ideal awkard situations. You can cringe inside, but you've got to laugh at the lame jokes of your relative at family get-togethers and parties. Here are some of the best bollywood reactions for some of the universally awkward situations. Have a look!

1. When Your Relative Ask You Things

You cannot ingore but saying yes is too painful!

2. Family Get-Together Be Like

What do you do? Freelance. what's that? Well. 

3. When You Get Your Favorite Food At Friend's Place

There's nothing that could be asked for!

4. When You See Your Crush Checking Out You In A Party

One look and game over!

5. When You've Got Weekend Work Plans

Weekends are officially made for fun. The soul cries while working!

6. When Your Friend's Elder Brother Ask You For A Drink

Okay, why not? But, wait! 

7. Dealing with strangers all by yourself

Okay, I can't initiate even a small talk. So, kill me, KILL ME NOW!

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