Karthi's Latest Kaashmora's Trailer Is Out And We Couldn't Be More Excited About The Movie

In the solid filmy landscape of India, regional cinema has picked up in the recent years and is creating waves as we speak. Especially, movies from South India, that leave fans with inspired entertainment. In what could be another feather in the cap of South-Indian cinema, Kaashmora - Karthi’s upcoming thriller is all set to leave fans gasping for more. Here’s what’s exciting about Kaashmora:

1. A first look at the trailer that shall leave you amazed

The movie promises to be a menacing force of energy with there being high tech inputs on making it a memorable cringe-worthy action drama with an epic screenplay

2. Karthi the tyrant

No that’s not a metaphor for the incredible actor but his engaging avatar in the film. Karthi, who is currently wrapping up Mani Ratnam’s Kaatru Veliyidai will be seen in the lead avatar in this exciting new project, “ Kaashmora”.

3. About Karthi’s look in Kaashmora

The exciting to-be released thriller sees the great Karthi in a villainous avatar. While not too many details about the film have surfaced, it is believed that Karthi is going to play a great anti-thesis of the hero, a tyrant, one that is hitherto experienced in such enigmatic detail in southern Films.


4. What is the movie’s plot?

The film is said to be a high-budged supernatural horror flick, a territory that regional cinema from the south hasn’t forayed much into. There is stable evidence in the Kaashmora trailer to reveal that the story will clock back from the contemporary times to the past.

5. Getting rave reviews already

Twitter, the world’s much loved micro-blogging platform has got stars and experts from the south industry going ga-ga about the movie. Super famous actresses Tamannah and Saundarya Rajnikanth have extended their best wishes and great wishes to the filmmakers of Kaashmora, stating they were hooked on to the film’s trailer when it soared to fame on Youtube.


6. The detailing of the villain in Kaashmora

Bold and daring. A tyrtant driven to cause destruction with manic and evil energy, these are hardly seizable adjectives or monikers that can match the evil force of Karthi in the upcoming Kaashmora. But it appears that the evil does have a humane side in the film after all, as per the romantic involvement of his character with Nayanthara in Kaashmora.

7. The Diwali Bonanza

The film slated to release around Diwali this year is said to have Karthi in not one or two but three avatars, the last being kept under tight wraps so as to increase the intrigue of the film. Truth be told, from the little known of the film and its apparent story-line, we just can’t wait for Kaashmora.


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