This #InternautDay We Say #JioInternet By Looking At Life Before and After The World Wide Web

23 August 1991 was the day when the internet – in a form far removed from what we know it as today – was made available to the public. So, yesterday was the birthday of the internet (though of course there are nay sayers who identify an altogether different date); netizens celebrated with some gusto and we had #InternautDay (yes that’s not a typo, internaut is a combination of internet and astronaut and the word refers to the first ever netizens) #JioInternet trending… here’s a look back at life before and after the internet – or B.WWW and A.WWW a new coinage of the new, connected world:

The first ever web page

Hmmm not exactly exciting, right? Who could have predicted the way things turned out in the ensuing 25, exciting, world altering years though!


In the B.WWW era, we needed a library, book store, shopping complex, the movie theater, college and various service providers to survive. The internet replaced these with a reading app on the phone, virtual marketplace, YouTube, correspondence courses and various online services.

Life was boring!

People from the A.WWW era will assure you of this. Because without the internet, life as we know it couldn’t possibly have subsisted!

But people were intelligent!

The B.WWW generation will confidently inform you that it was possible to have intelligent interaction, genuine relationships, real research, and a bona fide road sense before the advent of social networks, Google and Map apps.

It can be scary for some of us….

…to think that the B.WWW generation is among the minority in some ways…. People who had seen life as it was before the internet!

Kids these days be like…

…yes like that! The B.WWW generation thinks that being stuck in a virtual life is slightly pathetic and also want A.WWW tweeple to know that the atrocious grammar of “kids be like” is really, really grating.

A.WWW throws up fresh relationship challenges

The importance of the right emoji, replying to messages in time, liking sufficient numbers of posts and pictures define how good a friend, lover, neighbor, sister, brother, significant other you are!

Admit it!

Having only a virtual life can be so, so sad! You’ve forgotten how to have a real conversation haven’t you!

Some worry…

That they are so old, this will happen.

Apparently it’s already happening!

You're reading this B.WWW and A.WWW post aren’t you?

Are you still wondering

If you have a life! A real life, not a virtual one that is.

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