If You Used Computers In The 90s, These Will Make You Smile And Remember

They say technology keeps getting better with time, and they are probably right, whoever 'they' are. We still unlocked the memory box, and found some hidden treasures that we would want to share with you! If you were growing up in the 90s or were using comouters back then, here are 10 screenshots that would make you smile and go back into the past. 


Almost every one of us has learnt the commands of MS-DOS in their junior high school as a part of the curriculum!

2. The BSNL Dialog Box

We used to connect to the world wide web using this dialog box. Remember?

3. MSN Messenger

The social networking of the 90s happened on MSN Messenger!

4. Orkut Memories

The social network venture from Google that changed the way we have looked at social interaction. We used to write testimonials for our best friends readily!

5. The Nero Burn

And the most difficult choice was to select the songs while burning the CD!

6. The Navigation

There was no function as "Ask me anything", rather a proper map had to be followed to reach to the level of Games section

7. The Card Games

And the first card game! I never understood the concept of this game!

8. The Hearts Network

And the Hearts Network! I lost in this Hearts game everytime!!

9. Old Minesweeper

But this was my favorite game! No logic, pure luck. 

10. The Aladdin Game

And this Aladdin Game, it was among the favorite games of boys during their childhood! Ah, I want my childhood back!

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