It’s very easy to feel infatuated towards someone. But then it becomes terrible when we look at them like we are some sort of a one-sided lover. At times, it feels like you are chasing a unicorn, but it keeps running, right? Now though it’s high time to make the right move exactly how we will tell you to.

1. Ask for their cell number 

Try to get their cell number, not directly, but indirectly by dodging them in your words with the perfect use of different tactics. Do that only after you have gotten along with them well.

2.Start giving them hints with your body language

Make sure you are sending the right signals as well as receiving them. Also, have confidence in your attitude when they are around.

3. Start engaging them in deep conversations

Flirting does no harm to anyone. So, make sure you do that and observe how they are reacting to it. If they are uncomfortable, then it’s time to move on.

4. Start showing interest in them

Try to know them better by asking about their own childhood and other sweet memories. Make sure, you ask about everything but their last heartbreak. IT SUCKS!

5. Take them on a date

Just ask them out for a casual hangout. Instead of a movie, take them to a theme park or for some adventurous activities that you both can enjoy together. 

6. Be honest about your feelings

Always share your feelings with them because honesty works every time. And do make them giggle because sense of humour is totally important in casual conversations.

7. Cheek kiss

Start with a little physical contact with them like holding hands or a peck on the cheek. If they reply back, then you are on the right track. But if you see a little tension in between, then honey, it’s time to back off.