Hostel life is always considered a mixed bag. Some just can't handle it and some refuse to come back to regular life. But yes, it is fun, naughty and exciting. You make friends for life, you learn things in your own way and always have that one faraway look on your face that says, hostel ke woh fun din...

1. The task of washing clothes 

Washing in the hostel means you need to submerge your clothes in surf for days together. You are so bored and lethargic actually, that you don’t even want to wash your own clothes. Many of them pack the clothes together and bring back home once in a month.

2. Maggi saviour

You are never worried about food because Maggi is the food that you can eat even when it is 3 AM. Every person living in a hostel can eventually realise that they have a live long bond with those noodles. East or west, Maggi is the best.


Maggi savior

3. Grand farewell

You always receive a grand farewell by your close friends and dear ones when you leave the hostel and also come back. Believe me, celebrating in a hostel is real fun.

4. Use of laptop

Every guy living in a hostel owns a laptop and there can be nothing better than downloading movies every day because movies are your nightlife. You want to gather some friends and spend time watching movies.

5. Watchman struggle

Every person in the hostel has to deal with the watchman. They can be good and bad at times, until you realise is that all you need to do is give them some ‘Ghoos’.

6. Surprise goodies

It is the best day when you actually receive some surprise goodies from your parents or siblings. These small goodies can make your day.

7. No bathing

Because when you don’t bath, you feel better. The longer you don’t bath and better you feel. There are many times when you don't bath and shave for days altogether till the time your friends embarrass you in front of everyone else or someone special.

8. The canteen

The canteen life in the hostel is the best. Sitting with a bunch of rowdy friends and gossiping about weird things is the ultimate. The best moment is when the bill arrives and it is a daily race to see who gets away with not paying. Patli gali pakro aur niklo.

9. Mum calling

It is like, ma ka phone Aaya! When you are roaming, playing and laughing around a lot, your mom always knows and calls you at the worst possible moment.

10. WiFi sharing

No matter how much Airtel tries to introduce new and cheap plans, there is always one person who shares his WiFi with 10 others. You know, sharing is caring.