Here's What We Know About The Next Wolverine Movie - LOGAN

The new wolverine movie's title and a poster have been released recently and everyone is as confused and thrilled with the poster! The movie will hit the celluloid screen in 2017. What would it be about? Let's find out! 

1. Connecting the dots

So, for those of you who follow the movie, the X-Men and the Wolverine Solo movie series, you already know how the last movie ended. Wolverine ran off from the Stryker’s island. The latest addition in the Wolverine movie franchise can connect these dots to move further or it can also be a new story as well.

2. Hugh Jackman's promise

There have been lots of speculations about the plot of the movie. However, with Hugh Jackman, we can be sure of one thing, that this movie will also be as promising as its prequels. But we've also got some other twists to tell you! 

3. The revelations by an American online portal

American online portal The wrap revealed some of the appealing revelations based on the information given to them by an insider. According to them, "the film is set in the year 2024 and is said to be loosely based on ‘Old Man Logan’ which is one of the prominent storylines for Wolverine’s solo runs."

They continued while revealing the plot and wrote, "Now, by “loosely” we mean the writers have stayed true to the character sketch for Wolverine, he’s older, a lot worse, drinks a lot, and is not as powerful as he used to be. He even drives a 2024 Chrysler 300 limo. He’s losing his powers and is unable to heal as fast, or at all. In the same plot, Professor X, that continues to be played by Sir Patrick Stewart, is also older and his powers are fading. He barely even remembers Logan who is now his caretaker, along with an albino mutant, Caliban that is to be played by Stephen Merchant. But, that’s all we know about the plot from this particular story."

4. The Twists

The twists of the movie will also be interesting. According to The Wrap, the hands in another poster are the hands of a child. She has the same powers as that of Logan. But there's one major difference which is that she has two claws, instead of three.

Logan is to be mentoring the child to teach her how to use her abilities. According to The Wrap, "the story is set at a time when mutant births are at a decreasing rate and a government-type operation called Transigen is turning mutant children into killing machines".

5. The R-rated Movie

Directed by James Mangold, this movie is entirely a different take on Weapon X and as per the sources at Screen Rant, it will be the first R-rated feature within the franchise. The site also wrote that the young girl mentored by Logan is none other than X-23, a clone of Logan’s and better known as Laura Kinney.

Now, we just have to see how many of these are actually true! 

6. The Aged Professor

After the poster of the movie broke the internet, yesterday, Mangold tweeted a photo of an aged Professor X, keeping in line with the general theme of Logan.

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