There is a difference between a man who wants you forever and a man who wants you for now. But how do you know which one you have? If the C-word (for commitment) has scared the hair right off his chest or he is simply uncomfortable with any discussions around commitment, then we have a problem dear friend. Watch for these signs, before getting your heart completely set on him. 


*Broken into pieces*

*Broken into pieces*

Less care

Why is there a sudden cold distance between the two of you? Perhaps, he has sensed that you want to take things to the next level and he is not set for this upgrade. 

You are not in any of his plans

Want me to go away?

No ‘You’ in his daily routine

The time when he starts overlooking and does not bother to include you, even for a couple of minutes in his daily routine, then you should pause in the steps you are taking in the relationship as he may not be that serious about you. 

Why can’t I meet your friends?

Why cant I meet your friends?

No introduction with his friends:

You don't get to meet his gang and if they haven't really heard about you. There's definitely something fishy here, better watch out. 

When you get no attention

Hey, Im sitting over here

Hey, I’m sitting over here

He is with you, but not. It means he is physically present in front of you but mentally he is somewhere else entirely. If your guy can’t give you attention, then how can you expect commitment from him?

You are not special

Maybe for you only

Maybe for you only

If he backs off when it comes to take a stand towards you, then my friend you should move on.

He doesn't share too much about work or things that upset him

Are you gonna tell?

Are you gonna tell?

If he doesn’t share too much with you, then maybe he thinks that you’re not the one.

No talk about being together

Say this and move on

Say this and move on

Does he hate to say goodbye? If no, then probably he is not missing you too much when you are away. Which could also mean that his feelings for you aren't as deep as you'd like.