Flying 101 - Tips To Help You Become A Champion Flyer

Did you know hat flights have their own little dirty secrets that they are keeping from you. Here are a few you should know.

Water is served only from bottles to avoid bacteria

Airlines serve only water available in bottles since flights have a much higher chance of getting infected by bacteria. 

Pilot and Co-pilot eat different food

This is done because even if one of them gets sick because of the food, at least the other person will be able to fly the plane. 

Crew members bring their own food

They do not eat what is served to the normal flyers and carry their own food. 

Morning flights have the freshest blankets

Freshly dry cleaned blankets and other amenities  are available for morning flight flyers. 

Morning flights are always on time

Most morning flights fly as per their schedule and are always on time. 

Oxygen masks give only fifteen minutes of air

The hard truth! Yes, it does supply oxygen for fifteen minutes, but usually the pilot has closer to 15-20 minutes before the landing to instruct flyers.

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