Who is a workaholic? As per Google a workaholic is “a person who compulsively works excessively hard and long hours.” If you relate very well with this statement – Congratulations you are a workaholic! But honestly in today’s time we are considered to be workaholics.

And if you agree with us, read on and make fun of yourself.

1. You have forgotten what SLEEP is. Thank you long hours of work.


2. All your life you never enjoyed coffee, but now coffee is your best friend or your lifeline. Because you think sanity is overrated anyway.


3. Your To-Do list is longer than your friend list. No, really, it’s true!


4. You suck at making plans. Every time plans are made you are always busy with work.


5. There are days you spend only attending meeting after meeting.


6. There are times when the hours of the day are less for the amount of work you have.


7. Your weekends end in work from home. By the time you realise its the weekend, the weekend is over.


8. You only talk about work, even while socializing. While, your friends actually find it boring.


9. You have a gang at work who are your work buds and all you do apart from work is gossip.


10. Well, you also cover up for each other.


11. Oh yeah! You know about each other’s personal lives more than your real non office friends.


12. At times you don’t remember if you have eaten anything throughout the day. Unless you realize you are starving.


13. Your desk is your home. You have decorated and made it so personal, that you don’t miss home.


14. You are a pro in multitasking and people always wonder how you do it.


15. No matter how much work you have. You will always manage to complete it on time.


16. And then there are times you have considered giving up and going home. It’s happened to the best of us.

So, are you or are you not a Workaholic? Comment below.