‘Art is not what you see, but rather what you make others see’. For centuries artists with their spectacular works of art have intrigued millions of people and not just because of their amazing talent but also for the famous mysteries that revolved around their work. With that said, here are a few famous arts with their unsolved mysteries.

The hidden code of Mona Lisa

The secret of her eyes

The secret of her eyes

The famous art, Mona Lisa has something more intriguing than her beautiful smile. Experts have found that this 500 year old portrait has a hidden code in her eyes, the initials of Leonardo Da Vinci, ‘LV’.

The Brain in ‘The creation Of Adam’


The obsession with brains

Michelangelo the famous artist of ‘The creation Of Adam’, was a student of anatomy who, at the age of 17 dissected corpses from the graveyard and the experts believe that this is where he got his idea for this famous painting.

UFO in ‘The Madonna With Saint Giovannino’

Look theres a UFO

Look there’s a UFO

This painting by Domenico Ghirlandaio show something that is rather amusing and weird, especially considering that this painting is around 15th century. Right next to Mary in the upper corner is a UFO.

The musical puzzle of ‘The Last Supper’

A musical puzzle

A musical puzzle

‘The Last Supper’ by Leonardo Da Vinci actually centers more than one mystery. After overlaying a semi-transparent mirrored version of the painting on the original, an information technologist found a few figures, two of which looks like knights, while there is another figure holding an infant next to Jesus. Another researcher also found out that the position of the hands and the loaves of bread form a musical composition.

Obscene hand gesture in ‘Prophet Zechariah’


Giving “the fig” to religious authority

As innocent and cute the littles angels look in this painting by Michelangelo, they are actually not. After careful examination experts found that the hand gesture the little boy is making is an old gesture which basically means “fu*k you”.